Meet The Staff at Trees For Tomorrow

Executive Director:
Robin Ginner

Robin joined the TFT staff in 2016. She oversees the fundraising and overall vision of the organization.



Maintenance & Hospitality

Operations Manager:
Cheryl Todea

Cheryl joined TFT in August of 2000. After holding positions as an educator, she now manages the overall programming and facility operations.

Office Manager: Juli Welnetz
Joining TFT in November 2014, Juli is responsible for maintaining financial reports, accounts receivable/accounts payable, seedling sales, and the day-to-day office operations. 

Creative Director:
Diane Gunderson

Diane joined TFT in 2017 as the Community Engagement Coordinator. She now serves as the creative director and webmaster.

Community Engagement Coordinator:
Chantel Kuczmarski

Chantel joined TFT in March 2018. She is responsible for marketing, event coordination, volunteer relations, and communications with our community.

Education Manager/Environmental Science Educator: Kim Feller

Kim joined TFT in October 2014. She manages the education department, coordinates the Road Scholars program and serves as the store manager.

Assistant Education Manager/Environmental Science Educator: Vern Gentele

Vern joined TFT in July of 2015.  In addition to serving as Assistant Education Manager and teaching students, he oversees summer outreach programs, equipment, and coordinates Natural Resources Careers Exploration Week for high school students. 

Environmental Science Educator: Melanie Stewart-Clarke

Melanie joined TFT in November 2015. In addition to teaching, Melanie oversees the summer youth and family programs.

Environmental Science Educator: Danielle Christensen

Danielle joined TFT staff in September 2017. In addition to teaching, she oversees the care of our animal ambassadors, and coordinates the scheduling of our school programs.

Environmental Science Educator: Todd Starling

Todd joined TFT in January 2018. In addition to teaching, Todd coordinates our Road Scholars program and manages equipment.

Environmental Education Ambassador: Apollo
A Red-tailed hawk, Apollo was hit by a car in Burnett County. After being treated for his injuries, it was soon discovered that he could not be re-released into the wild. On January 13, 2009 Apollo became a part of the TFT education staff.

Maintenance Manager:

Bill McCallum

Bill started at TFT April 2015. He is responsible for maintaining TFT's campus and vehicles.

Hospitality Manager: Mandy Gingerich
Mandy started at TFT as a high school senior in 2007, was promoted to Night Shift Supervisor in 2009, and in January 2017 was promoted to the Hospitality Manager overseeing both Food Service and Housekeeping departments.

Hospitality Assistant:
PJ Vreeland

PJ joined the TFT staff in February 2012. She primarily works in the kitchen preparing and serving meals to our guests.

Hospitality Assistant:
Deb Register

Enjoying her second tenure at Trees For Tomorrow, Deb re-joined the hospitality staff in July 2017. She oversees the evening shift in the kitchen, preparing and serving dinner to our guests.

Hospitality Assistant:

Nancy Polacek

Nancy joined the Trees For Tomorrow staff in July 2018. One half of our dymanic housekeeping staff, Nancy works to keep our campus sparkling clean.

Hospitality Assistant:
Maureen Andrews

Maureen joined TFT in early September 2018. One half of our dymanic housekeeping staff, Maureen works to keep our campus sparkling clean.



Education Ambassadors

Hospitality Assistant:
Colleen Gentele

Colleen joined TFT's hospitality staff in May 2017. She primarily works in the kitchen preparing and serving meals to our guests.

Administrative Assistant:
MaLea joined TFT in October 2018. She assists our Office Manager with daily tasks in the front office.

Environmental Education Ambassadors: Greta & Google
Google and Greta are our resident Ball Pythons. They came to Trees For Tomorrow over 10 years ago when their owner could no longer care for them. Because Ball Pythons are a non-native species in North America, they were not candidates for release. Along with Sheldon, they serve as ambassadors to educate our guests about reptiles.

Environmental Education Ambassador: Sheldon
Sheldon is an Eastern Three Toed Box Turtle who came to live at Trees For Tomorrow in March of 2018. Because Eastern Three Toed Box Turtles are a non-native species in Wisconsin, Sheldon could not be released. Sheldon serves as an ambassador to educate our guests about reptiles.


Environmental Science Educator: Jenny Sadak

Jenny joined the TFT staff in January 2015. In addition to teaching, she coordinates Nature at Night, skill builders workshops and the WI Master Naturalist Volunteer Training program. 



Hospitality Assistant: Kim Jovanic
Kim joined TFT's hospitality staff in January 2019. She primarily works in the kitchen, preparing and serving meals to our guests.

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Environmental Science
Educator: Amy Ester

Amy joined the TFT staff in March 2019. As a member of the Education team, Amy helps deliver our programs to visitors and assists the entire education team with curriculum design.