In spring of 1945, Trees For Tomorrow introduced a program that offered two seedlings for every tree cut in support of the war effort. The purpose of this program was to provide a local self-sustaining wood supply for industry by encouraging small forest landowners to plant trees and practice sound forest management principles.

Today, Trees For Tomorrow, an Accredited Natural Resource Specialty School, continues the tradition of offering tree seedlings. The proceeds of the Seedling sales help prepare today’s youth to be tomorrow’s stewards of our natural world. Trees For Tomorrow promotes sustainable management of our natural resources through transformative educational experiences. 


Tree Seedlings

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Each Trees For Tomorrow tree seedling has been grown in its own “cell” in nutrient-rich soil. These containerized seedlings, grown in northern Wisconsin, with their roots already growing in a plug of soil, have better universal survival rates than bare-root seedlings because they handle a variety of sites, dry weather conditions and poor planting techniques better. Although the seedlings are ready to plant when you receive them, they can be kept in their containers for weeks if watered regularly. This is a tremendous advantage – allowing you the flexibility of planting them whenever the season and weather are favorable and the danger of frost has passed. 

Trees For Tomorrow provides a variety of quality containerized tree seedlings native to Wisconsin that can be shipped directly to your home in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois, any time between mid-May and October, or until sold out. The seedlings can also be picked up at Trees For Tomorrow with advance notice.


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