Our Wish List

As a non-profit organization Trees For Tomorrow relies on the generosity of donors to help us provide quality educational programs for both students and adults. If you are able to donate any of the following items, please contact us at 715-479-6456.

Thank you!

Road Scholar Programs
2 coffee pots
3 foam mattress pads
24 nice pillows
1 small refrigerator for dorm use
15 reading lights for rooms
2 fans for dorm rooms

Small refrigerator for food
Chest freezer for food
Mew/enclosure materials: pea gravel,
   plastic for winter covering, perching
Food money ($1,500/year to feed Orion
   and Apollo)

Craft boxes – with variety of craft materials
   to use during summer programming.
Drill for Logging Days
Deer pelt
Black bear pelt
Shed for survival skills class equipment
Taxidermy service - Belted Kingfisher (we
   have the kingfisher)
Humidifier for snake tank
iMac for office
Projector for classroom
Snowmobile – to groom cross-country
   tracks on oval for ski lessons
Snowshoes – 20 pairs
Ski Boots – 20 pairs
Orienteering compasses (30)
Insulated winter boots for student use
   (30 in a variety of sizes)
Cross-Country ski boots (30+ pairs)
Raincoats for student use
   (20 in a variety of sizes)
Cross-country skis (20)
Snowmobile for grooming oval for ski lessons
Classroom sound system upgrades
Classroom tables
New or used pickup truck with plow
   for maintenance
School bus
Full-sized passenger and/or cargo vans
Canoe trailer

Food Service
16 oz. plastic cups
Food processor (home-use size)
Flat top grill

General office supplies
    Paper – any size, any color
    Pens, pencils, paper clips, staples, tape
Office furniture
    Small tables

Golf Outing
    Hole sponsors $250-$500
    Raffle prize donations (any value)
    Items for participant bags

Forest Fest
    Event/activity sponsors ($250 or more)

AED Defibrillator
Pop-up canopy for displays/exhibits

Upcoming Events

Sat Mar 02 @ 5:00PM - 08:30PM
75th Anniversary Gala Fundraiser

Upcoming Programs

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