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Order your 2014 Tree Seedlings!

tree seedlings for ordering at trees for tomorrow

Trees For Tomorrow will have six different types tree seedlings for sale in 2014.

Blue spruce, paper birch, red (Norway) pine, tamarack, white pine, and white spruce hybrid seedlings will be available for shipping or pickup beginning in mid-Spring and later while supplies last.

Tree seedlings are an integral part of Trees For Tomorrow’s history. When we started 70 years ago, we planted trees to help improve the future of northern Wisconsin forests. While our focus has since switched to natural resources education, we continue to encourage tree planting through our annual seedling sale. Proceeds from the sale help support our education efforts.

Our seedlings are shipped to you in the container in which they were planted as seeds. This means the seedlings have an established root system and suffer less from transplant shock when you plant them. Complete planting instructions are included with each order.

These trees grow tall, and should not be planted under overhead utility wires. We do not recommend planting seedlings in spring until all danger of frost is over.

Order your seedlings today for later shipment or pickup!


Spruces are hardy and make good ornamental trees as well as windbreaks and visual barriers. Blue spruce can have a silver-blue foliage. Spruces have short needles that are just 1/2- to 1-inch long.

Mature size: 60 to 80 feet tall

Light needs: Prefers full sunlight, but can tolerate some shade

Soil needs: Grows in a variety of well-drained soils


Paper (or white or canoe) birch is perhaps one of the most beautiful and popular native landscaping trees with its chalky white, peeling bark contrasting its dark green summer and bright yellow fall leaves. Paper birch does not do well in drought-like growing conditions.

Mature size: 40 to 70 feet tall

Light needs: Full sunlight

Soil needs: Prefers moist, well-drained, loamy to sandy soils


Red pines grow very straight and can provide a good border or barrier to a property. The red pine has two needles per bundle with each needle ranging in length from 4 to 6 inches. Branches and needles that do not receive full sunlight will naturally die, creating a full canopy and open understory.

Mature size: 80 to 90 feet tall

Light needs: Full sunlight

Soil needs: Prefers well-drained, sandy soils



As Wisconsin's only deciduous conifer, tamaracks have soft clusters of green needles that turn a vibrant gold in autumn. Late in the season, the tamarack will lose its needles. Although tamaracks are found naturally in swamps and bogs, they can grow in a variety of soil and climate conditions. This is one of the fastest growing conifers when planted in well-drained soil.

Mature size: 30 to 60 feet tall

Light needs: Full sunlight

Soil needs: Variety, wet or dry. Avoid areas of prolonged flooding.


This is a blister rust resistant white pine from a registered seed orchard, genetically superior to grow faster than a conventional white pine. The white pine has five needles per bundle, a soft-textured appearance and is our area's tallest tree.

Mature size: 80 to 150 feet tall

LIght needs: Prefers sunlight, but can tolerate some shade

Soil needs: Grows in variety of well-drained soils


This superior tree species will produce up to 20% greater height growth compared to a normal white spruce. The dense foliage and fast growth make the white spruce ideal for windbreaks and visual barriers. These trees are very resistant to deer damage.

Mature size: 80 to 100 feet tall

Light needs: Prefers full sunlight, but can tolerate some shade

Soil needs: Grows in variety of well-drained soils


Order online, by mail using printable order form included with brochure, or by phone at 715-479-6456.
Send mail orders to:
     Trees For Tomorrow Seedlings
     PO Box 609
     Eagle River, WI  54521
Seedlings will ship from mid-May until early October while supplies last. Orders will be shipped Monday through Thursday each week.
Pickups can be scheduled Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. If you plan to pick up your order, please call 715-479-6456, ext. 226 or 221, to schedule a time.

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