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For over 70 years the Trees For Tomorrow experience has transformed the lives of students by immersing them for 1-5 days in the heart of the northern forest. Our professional teaching staff are experts at using field studies and hands-on activities to awaken student awareness of the land's capabilities and limitations, and to inspire student enthusiasm for sustainable forest stewardship.


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Throughout the year, groups of 12 to 120 elementary, middle, and high school students, along with their teachers, travel to the TFT campus in Eagle River from a three state area of Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois for student workshops. Visiting schools stay at TFT’s campus for 1-5 days. 

Over 5000 visiting students annually stay with their classmates in comfortable, furnished dormitories, eat three meals a day in a full service dining hall, and prepare for field studies in the classrooms of TFT's Education Hall. During a workshop, students participate in field studies conducted in the forests, lakes, streams and bogs of the Northwoods. The field studies involve activities like tree identification, orienteering, wildlife tracking, water chemistry, and dozens of others. These activities not only familiarize students with the plants and animals of the forest ecosystem, they also demonstrate how forests and other natural resources can be sustained through conservation and proper management.

Workshop Planning
We can assist with workshop planning and transportation needs. Scholarships and financial incentives are available for many groups. School groups are encouraged to fundraise to offset the cost of the trip. For some ideas that are unusual and good for the environment, check-out our Fundraising Ideas.

Take the first step toward a unique "up north" learning experience that will last a lifetime by calling Trees For Tomorrow today at 715-479-6456, or send an e-mail to our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


“A Natural Resources Education Experience That Lasts A Lifetime!”


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A Trees For Tomorrow workshop is not a recreational or camp outing, but rather a school learning experience.

TFT is accredited by AdvancED and meets the curriculum standards for the state of Wisconsin.



Off-Campus Outreach Programming- Year Round ?

Trees For Tomorrow offers special "to-go" workshops for schools, community groups, campers, or anyone looking for us to bring an educational program to you. We are able to bring to you several of our most popular nature activities.

For more information, contact Cheryl Todea, Operations Manager, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 715-479-6456.

Home School Groups ?

Trees For Tomorrow offers special workshops for home school groups. TFT programs are designed for students ages 10 and over. Parent/teachers of homeschoolers are encouraged to attend with their children so that they can chaperone and pick up teaching techniques.

Contact us today for more information on putting together a workshop for you and your Home Schoolers.

Note: If children under 10 years of age are brought with the family or group, it will be the parent's responsibility to provide supervision for the younger children while the courses are taking place.


Careers in Natural Resources
June 2017

High School students discover if a natural resources career is the path to your future! Students who participate in the Trees For Tomorrow’s Careers in Natural Resources workshop will meet foresters, fisheries and wildlife biologists, water resource specialists, conservation wardens, recreation land managers, and more! Experience real-life field work, and develop outdoor skills. Also learn what various occupations require for education or training, what they pay, and what today's job market is like. View a sample schedule. Get a step ahead by participating in this workshop and earning college credit!

Contact the Careers Workshop Coordinator at Trees For Tomorrow (715-479-6456) for more information.


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