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Plum Creek donation funds new Tree Identification class signs
An $850 donation from Plum Creek Timber Company will be used to purchase high-pressure laminated signs to revamp the Tree Identification program at Trees For Tomorrow.
Students use distinguishing characteristics about individual species to identify 15 marked trees during classes on the natural resources specialty school’s campus in Eagle River.
The Tree Identification course is also open to members of the public who can test their skills on their own and at their leisure.
“Deciduous trees in the course and those with leaves and branches too high for people to reach, currently have shadow boxes with specimens and photos in them to help with identifying the trees,” said Jessie Lambert, a teacher/naturalist intern at Trees For Tomorrow, who is spearheading the facelift.
“Through the years, the plastic glass covering the specimens has become worn and is difficult to see through; and the specimens, themselves, have also decayed,” she explained.
So, as an internship project at Trees, Lambert is creating the designs for full-color signs that will be used at each station.
“Each sign will have photos highlighting key identifying features of each tree – things like buds, cones, twig arrangements, bark and leaf shape,” Lambert said. 
Students and members of the public will use keys (available in the Trees For Tomorrow office) to identify the trees. 
“This is a wonderful internship project for Jessie and one that will benefit thousands of students who attend Trees For Tomorrow each year, as well as Eagle River area residents who take advantage of all the campus has to offer,” said Bill O’Brion, of Plum Creek Timber Co., president of Trees’ board of directors. “Plum Creek is proud to support this endeavor.”
The new tree identification signs, which also include the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) logo, are expected to be ready by May. SFI practices are at the core of Plum Creek’s forestry management efforts.
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