Honor a friend or loved one, enhance a child's life
and support Trees For Tomorrow

Green Our Tree is a non-traditional gift-giving program that supports natural resources education at Trees For Tomorrow.

It gives you the opportunity to forgo traditional gift-giving and instead present a friend or loved one with a gift that will have an impact for years to come. Or you can buy yourself something special by purchasing a gift that enhances the educational experience for students who attend natural resources workshops at Trees For Tomorrow.

How does the Green Our Tree program work?
It’s simple. Contribute money to Trees For Tomorrow and designate which gift or gifts you wish to purchase. Trees For Tomorrow will use your donation as you have specified.
Can I pay less than the amount of a specific gift?
Sure! Donate as much or as little as you choose. Just designate how you want your gift to be used.

How will my gift be acknowledged?
We’ll send you both a thank you AND a card you can give to the “recipient” of your gift.
See the gift-giving options below or download a printable brochure.
Make your purchase online or by using the form on the brochure.


Sponsor a student's visit. Help provide meaningful, hands-on experiences in the field. A trip to Trees For Tomorrow has a dramatic impact on a student. Will you help a student learn?

Price: $100/day


Skulls, magnifying glasses, compasses, boots -- these items and others are essential for teaching. By choosing this gift, you allow us to purchase items that enhance the student experience at Trees For Tomorrow.

Price: $75


Wisconsin's Northwoods are host to a bounty of wonderful field sites to engage students in a deeper understanding of the concepts they are learning. Help them get there and back by sponsoring transportatione xpenses for a trip to the field.

Price: $50


Apollo, a red-tailed hawk, loves to help teach the many students who attend Trees For Tomorrow workshops. Will you help this educational ambassador by providing food and other supplies?

Price: $125


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